Together we are building a culture of cycling and increasing access to a low-cost mode of transportation. Explore the different ways to donate, whether it’s one time or recurring giving.

If Bikes for Kids has inspired you, please consider donating to support our programs. Find out more and donate below to be a part of our mission to build a culture of cycling.

Make a Donation

Your financial donation supports our work, builds a culture of cycling and helps create a community that’s better for all! While the bikes we receive are donated, it’s not free for us to give them away. They are vehicles and every single one must be tuned and safe to ride. This means purchasing parts and employing professional mechanics to do the work. Thank you for your support.

Donate Bikes & Parts

We take old bikes, used parts…anything bike! Clear that old bike out of your shed, garage or back porch and bring it to us. Your refurbished  bicycle will help another member of our community have access to transportation!

TO DONATE A BIKE: Visit us at 354 Coyier Lane, Monday-Friday between 9:30am-4pm. If those hours don’t work for you, we also have shop hours on Monday and Tuesday nights from 6-8pm

We hold our annual garage sale in June and ask that you wait to donate goods for the garage sale until May 1 or before May 20 due to limited space. Things people often donate are car racks, trainers, trailers, bikes, parts, and anything bike! June 1, 2024 is the date of our garage sale fundraiser. 

More Ways to Donate

Donate Monthly

Donate on a monthly basis to help us build a stronger bicycle community. Becoming a monthly donor helps us stay sustainable and strong.


Donate Annually

Donate to keep us strong through the end of the year and beyond! With your support, we will build a supportive culture that’s better for all.


One Time Donation

Every dollar donated makes a difference. To make a one-time donation, click the button below. Our bike recipients will be grateful!


Donate a Car or Boat

Donate your old car or boat to us! Our partner, Donate for Charity, will handle your donation seamlessly. They will auction off your vehicle and give us 70-80% of the proceeds.


Building Fund

In our search for our permanent home, our Education Center will feature workshops and classes in bike repair. We are grateful for the support of our future home.


Remember Us in Your Will

By remembering us in your will, your lasting impact supports our work for decades to come. With your legacy gift, we will continue this important work.



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