Mission Statement

Bikes for Kids Wisconsin is powered by our love of cycling, our community, and our planet. We increase the use of bicycle-based transportation for everyone through access, low-cost repairs, and education.

Our Vision

We’re a community making bicycling sustainable, equitable, and affordable for everyday transportation; where human-powered transportation is prioritized and betters all residents’ lives physically, emotionally, and economically.

How We’re Living Out Our Mission Statement:

Community: We are building an inclusive, equitable, and diverse community where all people are treated with dignity and mutual respect.

Accessibility: We offer everyone the opportunity to ride and we support access to cycling for everybody.

Sustainability: We create a sustainable environment by riding, recycling, repairing, and refurbishing bicycles.

Education: We are teaching our community about bicycle care and repair.

Bike giveaway recipients having helmets fitted
Sister and brother get new bikes.

Our Staff

Ryan Harvey bike shop manager

Ryan Harvey

Operations Manager

Tyler Willenbrink

Mechanic / Welder

Kristie GoForth

Kristie GoForth

Executive Director

boy with pump

Board of Directors

Keith Kunugi – Board Chair

Mandy Ayers – Vice Chair

Mike Ivey – Treasurer

Simon Fallai – Secretary

James Statz

Colleen Hayes

Baltazar De Anda Santana

Awais Khaleel

Andrew Litt

Nicole Schram

William Rizzo

Ann Lee


It’s a simple concept: you’ve got bikes you no longer need. We know people who need them. Bikes for Kids supports access to transportation through free bicycles provided to marginalized communities. Through our robust partnership with other 501c3 nonprofits and public schools, we ensure that our bikes go to those most in need. 

We’re striving towards transportation equity and deepening meaningful relationships with communities of color and low income populations in Dane County and beyond. As an added bonus, we keep thousands of bikes out of the landfill by repurposing them into rideable bikes.

We’ve now given away over 10,000 bikes to new bike owners who may have never had the opportunity to experience the joys of owning their own bike. Since we give bikes to other nonprofits and schools, this includes 169 organizations that have received millions dollars in free bikes through our program.

Our operation depends on grants, financial donations from individuals and corporations, and donations of gently used bikes that are no longer needed.

It costs about $140 for us to give our complete bike package to a kid. This includes a high quality refurbished bike, a helmet, bike lock, headlight, and taillight. The $140 covers bike parts, paying our mechanics a livable wage, administrative costs like insurance, purchasing helmets, locks, headlights, and marketing our program so we can continue to receive donations that support this valuable program.



2017 – 1,000 bikes to nonprofits and schools in Dane County

2018 – 1,100 bikes to nonprofits and schools in Dane County

2019 – 1,500 bikes to nonprofits and schools in Dane County

2020 – 1,000 bikes to kids and frontline workers working entry level positions

2021 – 2,021 bikes to nonprofits and schools in Dane County

2022 – 1,800+ bikes to nonprofits and schools in southern Wisconsin

2023 – 2,051 bikes to Dane County, Milwaukee County and Racine County

2024 – 1,851 bikes to Dane County, Milwaukee County, Wood County, 5 Indian Reservations, Marathon County, & counting! Plus, 1,101 shipped to Ghana.

12,000+ lives impacted since our first giveaway in 2017!


2023 Impact Grid
Madinah Muslim School shoppers