Mendota Elementary kids get bikes


Application season is November 1-January 31 each year.

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Eligible applicants include 501c3’s serving marginalized communities in Dane County and Wisconsin and through partnerships with public schools. 

If you are searching for a bike for yourself or someone else, please contact a nonprofit you receive services from or, contact your school social worker. You can call our shop at (608) 405-0385 if you are having a transportation crisis and we’ll work with you to provide assistance. 

We distribute bikes through our vast network of 501c3 nonprofit partners who already serve marginalized communities and through public schools in southern Wisconsin. We give bikes to both kids and adults.

• Applicants can apply for up to 100 bikes so we can equitably provide bikes throughout the region. Please note that our giveaways are dependent upon the success of our bike donation drives so the number you request cannot be guaranteed. 

• Organizations in Dane County will be prioritized for our giveaway season in spring but southern Wisconsin organizations are invited to apply.

• Looking for a bike? Please reach out to your school social worker or a nonprofit you receive services from. They receive our bikes and determine the recipients. 

Bikes for Kids handles collecting and repairing bikes but we rely on our distribution partners to select our bike recipients to ensure they’re going to those most in need. These organizations then register bike recipients for the bike giveaway program in the spring.

Applications are reviewed on an individual basis. For first time applicants, it’s best to talk with us about the process before you apply. Applying for bikes requires organizations to have one point of contact to register recipients and coordinate the giveaway event with your families in April/May. Please send an email to start the conversation.

3 Ways We Distribute Bikes

• In-person bike giveaway events: these take place in the spring and summer. Participation is through the invitation of a 501c3 nonprofit or a school social worker who has applied to receive bikes from us. 

• Bulk pickups: these work great for organizations outside of Dane County that have applied for bikes. Your organization would register for the bikes, provide us with the list of sizes and complete data on the recipients. Then, we would schedule you to come and pick up the bikes Monday-Friday in Madison. 

• Voucher program: this program works best for organizations that do not want 100 bikes at once but, instead want bikes on an as-needed basis throughout the year. Job center, food pantries, and organizations serving adults often fit this style well.